Every project is different.
And the same.

Every real estate development project is a remarkably complex undertaking. There’s engineering and the environment, permits and politics, insurance and infrastructure—and that’s just for a start. Every project may be unique, but they all—whether retail, office/commercial or medical space—have some challenges in common: the kinds of challenges that can give headaches to developers and clients alike.


We work here. We live here, too.

There’s a reason we’re really careful about the clients we accept and the projects we agree to take on. We actually live in the towns where we’ve developed properties, so we take the time that’s needed to establish the kinds of solid working relationships with local officials that help smooth the way for our clients’ projects. And we work closely with our clients to tailor tenant design requirements so that they meet the expectations and standards of the local citizens who are our family and friends. This kind of diligence and attention to the needs of the various stakeholders involved in a development effort is effective in creating outcomes balancing the interests of our clients and our communities. And those are the kinds of outcomes we like at READCO.


Maximize flexibility. Minimize Impact.

That’s the kind of win-win approach we use at READCO. Developing cost-effective, energy-efficient buildings provides for maximum tenant flexibility. And those buildings help protect valuable environmental and water resources. It’s smart business—not just for us and for our tenants, but for the community.


Open up. And say “ahhhhh.”

Hospitals are increasingly making the strategic decision to create suburban access centers to deliver convenient, responsive medical care to patients. READCO’s prescription for community healthcare brings together medical offices, healthcare practitioners, and patients into one-stop medical service facilities. They’re close to home, easy to get to for both medical providers and clients, and have plenty of parking. The result? Improved accessibility to medical care—and happier patients.

With READCO as your real estate development partner, you get a company that gets results by doing business the right way. Just ask the clients who continue to call READCO year after year. They know they can count on us, project after project.


We’re proud of our reputation. That’s because we’ve worked very hard for over a decade to earn it, and we’ll continue to work hard to make sure we keep it.


We’re team players at READCO. Our professionals, who are experts in the political and land administrative law/land use arenas, forge effective partnerships with our clients and with local municipalities.


Our up-front capital analysis and network of capital resources are both strong. Because of READCO’s impeccable track record of project capitalization, we have access to the most aggressively priced capital.


We have nothing to hide, so we give our clients detailed monthly status reports on how much has been spent and where projects are in the development cycle. Complete transparency, including “open book” accounting and regular flow of information, builds confidence and prevents unwelcome surprises.