Asset Management

Due diligence.
And then some.

Our job isn’t over when the engineers and developers go home. Or when the tenants move in. In fact, in many ways, it’s just beginning. From portfolio analysis and property management to leasing and capital structure, we’ll work behind the scenes—looking months to years ahead—to expertly manage the strategic and financial nuances of each property and portfolio.


A five-year plan.
For your property.

Your property isn’t an index fund that’s bought and sold by clicking a button or managed digitally from a broker’s office in Manhattan. It’s a tactile investment that requires hands-on maintenance, strategy, and management. To facilitate this, we work closely with our clients to monitor their investment performance and the strategic direction of each property by managing income, cashflow, and long-term strategy. From acquisition to closing to annual presentations and five-year capital improvement projections, we stay fully invested in each client’s investments.


We manage the grounds.
And the financials.

For a property to thrive, it’s not just the grounds that need management. But the budget, performance, and financials. We work with property managers to closely monitor and oversee all of the above, including the preparation of quarterly variance reports, mid-year reforecasts, and monitoring of capital expenditures. All to ensure the financials are maintained as well as the property itself.


We handle the paperwork.
And the legwork.

While we enjoy sealing deals with handshakes, we know there’s so much more that goes into them: lease rates, back-and-forth negotiations, termination options. That’s why we coordinate with owners, third-party leasing teams, lenders, and tenants to manage all of this. From negotiating listing agreements and calculating lease terms to coordinating buyouts and monitoring lease expirations and renewals, we’ll stay on top—and ahead—of the paperwork.


And refinancing.

This isn’t a cash business, but one that involves complex financing and capital structuring: loan maturities, prepayment fees, reserves, loan covenants, portfolio updates. We’ll facilitate financing and refinancing, work with lenders to provide portfolio updates and negotiate term sheets, and analyze the impact of all of this upon the client’s cashflow and portfolio.

Our Clients

READCO’s landscapers met Konover Construction’s aggressive construction schedule and assisted other trades as a ‘team player’ in the effort to complete a fast-paced project. Dedication to the project aided us in delivering the East Lyme Stop & Shop on time.

Michael Kolakowski
President and CEO
Konover Construction Corporation
West Hartford, CT

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