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Job Well Done. Customer Testimonial

It’s not often that we get unsolicited positive feedback or recognition of a job well done – but today we got one of those rare calls.

Earlier today, a patient from one of our medical facilities called us to recognize a job well done – and an exceptional moment of kindness – performed by one of our own. During the ice storm, Richie took it upon himself to make sure that the facility was safe and that the walks and handicap areas were well treated with ice melt when the contractor couldn’t make it there on time. He then went above and beyond and helped a pregnant patient out to her car – making sure she reached her destination safe and sound. When she thanked him, he simply replied that she was not going to fall on “his watch”. This simple gesture of kindness and attention to detail exemplifies what we have come to expect from our maintenance staff, but it should not go unrecognized. Well done, Richie – you’ve made us all proud to be on your team.

READCOJob Well Done. Customer Testimonial

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